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Absolute Position. Takes the element out of the flow.

Fixed Position. Takes the element out of the flow.



Paragraph number ONE.
New Line.

'Static' is the default position type.

Relative Position. Moves element and leaves a space in the flow of the page.

[Floating Right] Use margin to move a div when you want everything else to flow around it. Padding changes the size of the div. There are default margins in Paragraphs.

[Floating Left] Class and id.

[Floating Right] The span tag can be used to format specific text.
Classes can be separated in the attribute with a single space.

[No Formatting] Other Text flows around flows.

Quick Centring

"margin: 0 auto;" can be used to centre an element.

External Style Sheet

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.css" />

Borders add to size

each side different



Font Styles

  1. italic
  2. italic underline
  3. italic underline bold
  4. bigtext - 200%
  5. largetext - 26px
  6. 1.5 em

Text Alignment

This is some text

Links - Selectors


Hello World

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